IBM's UNIX War Is Far From Over

by Seamus Quinn
Mar 05, 2014

In The Art Of War, Sun Tzu wrote that the winning strategist only seeks battle after victory has been won. To turn this maxim on its head, I would also suggest that the successful warrior does not declare defeat before any battle has been lost. My thoughts turned to the sixth-century BC Chinese general so beloved by American business folk when IBM reported some pretty dismal figures in January. Revenue at its Systems and Technology Group was down 31 percent year-on-year. Profit at the ...


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on Mar 9, 2014


I'm sorry, but your article looks a great deal like wishful thinking. Show us any factual signs that IBM is doing anything to promote Power System sales. If there are any initiatives, they are from within the partner community and there is nothing on any IBM web site, or media to support the idea that IBM is aggressively trying to grow the brand or target competitors.

it seems as if they have said "business partner, bring us some business".

What is IBM doing to promote the system? Also, I saw you note on IBM i . How many new IbM i customers last year? I know IBM doesn't publish this, but what is your take? Any Partners talking about new business?

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